Construction and assembly of prefabricated units. Engineered skid systems for EPC companies and final users

Polaris Works is a company specialized in mechanical manufacturing, and contruction of plants and light, medium and heavy carpentry.

azienda (Copia)

Company profile

The company was founded in 2008 by Polaris and Kosmos, in the same year when Polaris Group was born. The company is composed by highly qualified specialists who work in the field since several years and coming from company Kosmos. The headquarters of Polaris Works expands over an area of 5000 square meters, of which 2400 square meters are covered. Manufacturing are performed upon customer request. Also maintenance works of existing plant and machinery can be performed.
In addition, in collaboration with the other companies of Polaris Group, design services, preliminary study, testing at our facility and final installation at customer site, including all applicable documentation, can be provided.
Due to many years of experience, Polaris Works can satisfy the most variety of problems and needs in every field of industry.

Polaris Group


Polaris Works can construct turnkey plants for different fields of industry

The production cycle is developed to ensure maximum reliability and flexibility and can be adapted to any industry. The workshop is equipped with tools and highly qualified personnel, capable to carry out each stage of the production cycle. Everything is made in respect of quality system ISO 9001 and in compliance with current safety regulations. Each phase of construction includes controls based on standard parameters or specific for the job. Polaris Works can construct plants on prefabricated skid, with dimensions suitable for transportation, complete with insulation and electro-instrumental plants, using different types of materials according to the process (stainless steel, carbon steel, various alloys).

Service and assistance

Polaris Works offers services and assistance to Customer:

  • Periodic review
  • Functional test for instruments and valves
  • Functional test for equipment
  • Instruments calibration
  • Control systems update
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Removal and replacement of pneumatic and manual valves and instruments
  • Removal, replacement, repairing of piping
  • Removal, replacement, repairing of equipment
  • Pressure test of equipment and plants
  • Painting
  • Insulation